How Does Red Light Therapy & Near Infrared Work?

The Science of Light Therapy began to gain broader recognition in 2001, when NASA first discovered that Red Light and Near Infrared (NIR) have very strong cellular regenerating effects. These longer Red and Near Infrared wavelengths have been shown to stimulate mitochondrial function in the cells (the power houses of the cells).

In Summary, Red Light and Near Infrared wavelengths help in:
• Regenerating tissues and cells
• Increasing blood flow
• Increasing oxygenation
• Improving tissues and cellular functions
• Boosting cellular immune response

The Benefits of Red Light Therapy & Near Infrared

Skin Health

Muscle Recovery

Sleep Optimization

Cellular Energy

Reduce Inflammation

Speed Healing

Brain Function

Joint Pain

Incredible Healing Benefits that go well beyond
Light Therapy alone

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REDjuvenator RED Light Therapy Device

#3 The Universal

The Healing Matrix Light Formulation includes the most powerful wavelengths of Red Light & Near Infrared.